Located in beautiful Rock Island Tennessee

CainCain Cain
Cain's Head Shot Cain's Head Shot Cain's Head Shot

Twin River's New Horizon

Date Whelped 11/05/2014

Official Documents

OFA Hip Certification: GOOD ~ PDF 12/19/16

OFA Elbow Certification: NORMAL ~ PDF 12/19/16

Eyes Companion Animal Eye Registry: CLEAR ~ PDF 3/23/17

OFA Observable Inherited Eye Disease: Cleared Yearly ~ PDF 3/23/17

CCD Congenital Cardiac Disease- Cardiologist: NORMAL ~ PDF 3/22/16

CCD Certificate for Congenital Cardiac Database: CLEAR ~ PDF 3/12/16

PAW PRINT GENETICS Health Certicicate: ~ PDF 4/11/16

EIC Exercise-induced Collapse: CLEAR ~ PDF 4/11/16

Retinal Dysplasia-retinal folds (RD) OSD (OculoSkeletal Dysplasia) DNA Report: CLEAR ~ PDF 4/11/16

Hereditary nasal parakeratosis: CLEAR ~ PDF 4/11/16

Progressive retinal atrophy, Progressive rod-cone degeneration: CARRIER ~ PDF 4/11/16

PAW PRINT GENETICS Coat Color and Trait Certificate ~ PDF 4/11/16

Long Coat Allele, Centronuclear Myopathy DNA Report: CLEAR ~ PDF 4/11/16

D Locus (Dilute): CLEAR ~ PDF 4/11/16

B Locus (Chocolate) E Locus (Yellow) DNA results ~ PDF 4/11/16

AKC Skye's Pedigree ~ PDF

Bred & Owned by Tonya Swoape & Scott Swoape
Twin River Labradors
Rock Island, Tennessee

Skye's Pedigree
GCH CH Ashland's Road Trip
Blackwing Mtn Meadow CH Blackwing Barron at MtnMeadow
Seawind Irish Brew at Blackwing
Ashland's Tiramisu GCH CH Hyspire Shahli Hotter Than Blazes
Jalin's Never Ending Affair
Ophir Swoape's Lady Lexxie
Ophir's Derek CH Dovetail Boomerang
Ophir's Layla
Ophir's Sara CH Sunnybrook Tiger Hawk
CH Ophir's Sugar And Spice
For more information on Skye's pedigree view this PDF

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